Life Coaching

Life and Crisis Coaching is all about becoming the person you've always wanted to be. It's about designing a vision for your life that inspires you. It's about loving who you are and feeling great about the choices you're making. It's about accepting yourself and creating a future that is unlike anything that you have experienced before.

There is something powerful that happens when you share your dreams and goals with someone who is committed to helping you achieve them. There is no limit to what you can do when someone believes in you, supports you, and listens to you.

Life coaching brings out the best that's already inside you. In life or crisis coaching, we focus on the "bigger picture" of who you really are? And what really matters most “What is it that you want to create for yourself”? Do you even know?

There is tremendous power in partnership - It is easier when two people are rowing the boat! Coaching isn't about leading and following; it is about creating a team that is 100% focused on your success. It is so easy to become sidetracked and allow life to get in the way of your goals. A life coach helps you focus and stay on the track to success.

The Coaching Process:

Coaching is both a relationship and a process. It focuses on you, your needs, and your goals. You are a unique human being. Coaching draws on your innate wisdom, creativity, resourcefulness, and energy to reach the goals you have chosen.

Coaching is results-oriented. Early in the process, you will decide what results you want to achieve. Your coaching program will be designed to support you in achieving those results. Through this journey of self-reflection, experimentation, growth, and change, there will be barriers, setbacks, and frustrations along the way. The coach's role is to ask tough questions and demand more of you than you demand of yourself, which will enable you to stay in action, get past the setbacks, and achieve the goal you have selected.

The coaching process requires commitment, accountability, and willingness to accept feedback. For the coaching process to be successful, you must be willing to set goals to which you are committed, take action in a disciplined way, accept feedback and be held accountable.

Types of Life Coaching:

Life Coaching

Steve works with individuals who want to experience more purpose, passion, and meaning in their lives.

Benefits of Life Coaching include:

• Clarifying what you really want in your life and creating it
• Aligning your life with your values and with what matters most
• Recognizing and Living your Passions now! “Not some day when”
• Learning to live authentically
• Releasing negative emotions and limiting beliefs
• Creating greater life/work balance

Crisis Coaching

Steve also works with people in crisis. He will partner with you on this inner journey while you discover what's blocking your true happiness. Do you have the courage to look inside? Are you willing to go there? Are you ready? If not now, when?

Are you:

Struggling with addictions…
Struggling with relationships….
Struggling with transition…
Crisis coaching provides you with the tools, skills and support to create a life based on what truly matters most to you. So you can start enjoying your life instead of just enduring it.

Here's what my coaching work will do for you: You will start to enjoy your life, stop struggling and experience a whole new level of excitement, and satisfaction. Life will have greater meaning and you will have more fun. This is what some people call happiness! When you find the missing pieces to your life’s puzzle and start putting what really matters most to you into the right order, the whole picture changes.